Our Story

Welcome to Three 10 Collective! We are so grateful you're here and hope you find exactly what you're looking for. 

We are three friends and business partners who have seen success in our ventures over the last ten years but are always ready for a new challenge. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate not only to have connected so effortlessly in friendship and business, but to have the opportunity to work together on a new adventure. We love seeing women empowered and confident and know that part of that confidence comes from feeling good and looking your best. 


Meet 310:

Elissa~ Co-owner, mama of two under three, marketing master, loves to bake, voted "Most Likely to Serve you Unexpected Sarcasm" by fellow co-owners


Kim~ Co-owner, creative, newlywed and dog mom, loves a cozy vibe/aesthetic, East Coast, trendy, voted "Most Likely to order a Meal and Eat Two Bites" by fellow co-owners 

Ashley~ Co-owner, girl mom, speaks fluent sarcasm, loves Jesus, guacamole, and a good pun, voted "Most Likely to Dance Like No One is Watching" by fellow co-owners